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Science of Targeted Surveillance

June 22, 2024

Targeted surveillance using neurotechnology as a directed energy weapon represents a manipulative tactic tailored to the target's specific characteristics. It exploits weaknesses or vulnerable aspects of an individual’s character to have a profoundly destructive impact on mental and emotional health, using electromagnetic technology known as neuroweapons. This continuous provocation destabilizes an individual's conscious and subconscious mind, effectively isolating them from society, severing personal and professional social connections, and generally discrediting them. As a result, the individual is plunged into a deep state of depression. In such cases, the person becomes much more susceptible to the influence of the technology. Consequently, there is an extremely high risk of either the simulation of mental disorder by perpetrators or the actual development of a mental condition. The scale of harm to the psyche depends on the frequency of the technology exposure, the intensity of use, and other factors. Considering the degree of resistance of certain individuals, additional, more "traditional" harassment techniques may also be employed. For more information on harassment techniques defined by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights based on received reports, please refer to our Instagram post, "Targeted Surveillance: Characteristics."

I have concluded that the reason why all operators attached to their targets use a variety of tactics to keep their victims "on the loop" doesn't solely lie in driving them crazy, as it may seem, but also for a scientific purpose. It is an essential part of the technology testing because the effectiveness of deep learning algorithms relies on the complexity and variability of the brain activities being monitored. This requires direct interaction between the brain and a brain-computer interface. By capturing a wide range of neural responses, these systems can train algorithms to better understand and predict behavioral patterns. The interaction involves real-time data acquisition through remote neuroimaging, which feeds into machine learning models to refine their accuracy and responsiveness.

A second crucial factor reported by all targeted individuals (TIs) is social isolation. This can also be explained from a scientific point of view. Usually, conducting scientific research in a lab anticipates a perfect environment that is completely conducive to obtaining accurate results. In the case of DEW-targeted exposure, the most effective way to conduct testing is to place the target in a medical facility or socially isolate them, increasing time spent at home to maximize the imitation of lab conditions. This reduces noise and artifacts in collected data, ultimately improving the quality of input for the algorithm.

After reviewing harassment techniques I started noticing coherence and interconnection with scientific interest and technology testing. I know this theory isn't new, nor is the phenomenon itself. What is truly evolving is the technology. Someone continues testing this technology on the public without any consent given. We must act immediately and start reaching out to our elected officials to demand congressional supervision over this horrific injustice.

Liliana Melnychuk


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